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Lacrosse Gift Guide

Are you wondering what to get for the lacrosse player in your life this holiday season? We put together a list of gifts that any serious lacrosse player would be ecstatic to receive. There's something in here for everyone - all skills levels and experiences with lacrosse.

These are gift they're actually going to want too. These aren't gimmicks or little knick-knacks. These are gifts for real lacrosse players. Let's get started.

1. Elevate 11th Man Goalie Pro 2.0 - $249.99 - For the player who's serious about upping their shooting game. This "inflatable goalie" can be blown up and thrown in the cage to mimic a real goalie. I'd recommend this to anyone who does a lot of shooting on their own or without a live goalie.

2. Crankshooter Portable Goal- $139 - The goal you can set up easily in 90 seconds with their clip technology. The Crankshooter goal is perfect for anyone who's wasted countless hours untangling a rage cage. This goal is both high quality and easy to set up. A great gift for any player. The tournament goal is also available for $264.00.

3. Wickers Glove Liners - $24.99 - This guide wouldn't be complete without Wickers. People are calling Wickers THE stocking stuffer for lacrosse players this holiday season. Wickers keep your hands warm, smelling good, and safe from infection. Wickers are perfect for any player getting their reps in this winter and looking forward to the season. Rubber surgical gloves are a thing of the past with Wickers. Learn more about keeping your hands warm in the winter and smelling good.

4. SKLZ Quick Ladder - $29.99 - The SKLZ ladder is great to quickly improve your acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction while enhancing balance, rhythm and body control. I've love having my SKLZ ladder for a quick and efficient workout.

5. Airpods - $129 - $249 - This may not seem like a lacrosse-specific gift, but believe me, it is. Airpods simply make wallball better. Full stop. You won't have to deal with getting tangled up in your earbud cord anymore. One of the best things in life is putting on some good music and getting your reps in.

6. Lax Goalie Rat Guides or Events - $79+ - This one is for all the goalies out there. The resources provided by Lax Goalie Rat are second to none. Damon assembles top-notch events every week and his Training Packs provide phenomenal guides and feedback for goalies of all skill levels.

7. VUKGRIPZ - $14.99-$16.99 - This new tape is taking the lacrosse world by storm. They are already an official sponsor of the PLL and are working with big time players like Joe Nardella and Nakeie Montgomery. Their technology seems to work really well and comes in plenty of different colors and styles.

8. Open Goaaal Lacrosse 2-in-1 Trainer - $449 - This is the perfect backyard goal for anyone looking to get reps in at home. The goal has a built in backstop, meaning you won't be wasting hours chasing down missed shots. This is perfect for much safer and more efficient training. I can't tell you how many balls I lost in my backyard and into my neighbors yards growing up... Those are things of the past with Open Goaaal.

9. Lacrosse Balls - $23.99+ - This is an evergreen gift. At all times, all lacrosse players need more fresh lacrosse balls. Fact. "Freshies" are paramount to getting the best reps possible. You will not disappoint the lacrosse player in your life by giving them lacrosse balls. We suggest buying in bulk. Also check out the anti-greaser that the guys at Pearl have come out with.

10. Therabody Products - $79+ - These portable vibration therapy massagers are all the rage. They are immediately satisfying and do wonders for recovery. See why everyone's talking about Theragun's percussive massage for recovery, performance, sleep, mobility, and stress.

Unfortunately, the Re-Lax Discovery Head and Drip King eyeblack won't arrive in time for the holidays. But, this list has something for everyone on it. We hope you found the perfect gift for the lacrosse player in your life.

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