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Our Story


Wickers was an idea launched by a casual conversation. When Joe was visiting Australia to try out for the Australian National Lacrosse Team, his cousins noticed how tattered his gloves were. They also noticed how much his hands stunk! Joe explained how physical and sweaty the game could get, and how his sweat would seep into his gloves every time he played. Every time he put his gloves back into his bag, they would get even stinkier, filled with more bacteria, and even more ripped. Joe explained how he once got four styes in his eye in four months from the bacteria in his gloves!

Joe’s cousins are cricket players, so they understood how sweaty and disgusting equipment can get. They asked if Joe had ever tried “Innahs” - cotton gloves worn inside of cricket batting gloves. Joe said he hadn’t, but was intrigued. Joe tried them on inside of his lacrosse gloves and loved the idea. But, they were too thick and heavy, had too much fabric on the fingers, and reduced feel too much.

But Joe thought there was something there, so he went to work. After cutting up countless shirts, hand-sewing his own prototypes, consulting with designers, pattern makers and manufacturers, we’re finally ready to bring our moisture-wicking design to you.


Here’s a shot of Joe (white “Lords” helmet) trying out for Team Australia.

Photo credit: Tim Fryer, M.D.

IMG_4725 copy.jpg

A team with a mission: to change the hygiene of lacrosse forever.

Our goal is to bring the next essential piece of equipment to the sport of lacrosse. We don’t want the risk of sickness to interfere with the game we love.

Joe is the Founder of Wickers Lacrosse Inc. Joe is from Studio City, CA and played at NCAA Division III Kenyon College. Joe was voted captain for his senior season, voted to the All-Conference Team, won Kenyon’s Athletic Department award given to the top male leader, and the lacrosse team’s award for leadership. Prior to playing at Kenyon, Joe went to Harvard-Westlake School, where he was a team captain, voted to the First Team All-Mission League Team, and won a Los Angeles County Championship. Joe lives in Santa Monica, CA.

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