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Stay warm in the winter and smelling good

Forget Using Rubber Surgical Gloves in the Winter

Featured on ECD Gear Review!
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"That is really comfortable."
-ECD Greg


ECD Greg Reviewing Wickers

If you've ever played lacrosse in the cold you know your hands are the worst part... You're not going to lose any dexterity [with Wickers]

Tom Red Star Lacrosse Reviews Wickers

I was unsure about these when I first saw them, but they’re REALLY comfortable. The fact that they can keep team huddles from reeking of glove stank, means I 100% support this product. I’m really over that smell


All around great product. I like wearing them - they're very comfortable. It's like they're not even on.

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"I can't play without them."
-Christian Pastirik (Towson University, Denver Outlaws)

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